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Hello, viewers! Thank You for coming to our group today. I’m Jaya Prakash and I’m looking forward to talking with you today about National Farmers Day/ Kisan day. Farmers day we celebrate every year on December 23rd. 23rd December was chosen to honor the birth anniversary of the fifth Prime Minister of India, Choudhary Charan Singh.

Farmer is the backbone of a country and he does service of a nation and we produce a lot of crops.  Farmer’s play the most important role as a backbone for India’s economic development, as more than 40% of the total employment in India is employed in Agricultural Sector as per the 2017 World Bank report, also over the years since 1947. Agricultural Sector has been the highest employment generating sector in India.

According To FAO, more than 60% of the world’s population depends on agriculture for survival.


Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest and vital professions. Farmers have remained one of the highest contributors to economic growth while consistently feeding the people who rely on their goods. Originally referred to as Old Farmer’s Day, National Farmers Day was preparing to celebrate. The hard work farmers put into growing their crops. The date of October 12 came about as it lands at the end of the traditional harvesting period. Allowing farmers to participate in festivities. Which can sometimes last the entirety of the month? Additionally, every three years, the Harvest Moon will fall in early October, preceding and leading up to National Farmer’s Day on the 12th.

In fact, in Loranger, Louisiana, there’s an Old Farmer’s Day Festival which celebrates and showcases the traditions and methodologies of farming. Before it became the modernized and scientific venture it is today. Usually, in states in the northern US, the first frost would occur at the beginning of October. If, not the middle, requiring many farmers to harvest their crops beforehand to prepare for the winter. Now, because of scientific developments in farming techniques, the traditional growing period can be prolonged to increase yield and profit. Part of the reasoning why National Farmer’s Day tends to extend its celebrations in rural areas to National Farmer’s Month.

Farmers Day Wishes Quotes, Images

1“If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.” –
2″ The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.” –
3“A farmer is a magician who produces money from the mud.” –
4“Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation but the only riches she can call her own.” –

5 “To a farmer, dirt is not a waste, it is wealth.” –

6″If agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right in the country.”
7“Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can’t hurry the crops or make an ox in two days.” –

8. “If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.”

9. “To a speck of farmer dirt is not a waste, it is wealth.”

10. “A farmer is a magician who produces money from the mud.”

11. “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

12. “The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.”

13. “When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.”

14. “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the cornfield.”

15. “Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation but the only riches she can call her own.”

16. “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man.”

Farmers are the backbone of a country and you can’t stand straight if your backbone is broken. The life of a farmer is very tough as he works very hard day and night in all seasons for us

Farmers Day Images

Kisan Diwas Images


National Farmer's Day images

Farmer's Day images

Kisan Diwas Day Images

Farmers doing the work of field image

National Farmers Day Image

National Farmers Day Images


Choudary Charan Singh is considered to be the son of the soil. Which belongs to the community of farmers. National farmer’s day is respect for an independent and strong Indian farmer. The whole nation celebrates this day with great enthusiasm. Today’s youth and more concerned about the problems of Indian farmers and organize several nooks to improve their condition. However, for the last 10 to 15 years, Indian farmers have to fight against the natural crisis. Please do like, share, and also comment section below.

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