What do the different color hearts mean, and where to use them

Hello guys! Wel come back to another interseting aticle. Today, we are going to discuss different heart emoji’s and their meaning and how to use them. We all use Heart emoji to replace the unexplaining love towrds someone we truely love. Most of the times, these heart emoji’s does the perfect job of expressing your love towards someone.

Because of the wide variety of meanings associated with the various hearts, you should avoid sending the same heart emoji to your mother as you would to your partner. But have no worry, since this article has the definitive guide to all of the emoji symbols and the significance of each heart symbol…

What do the various emojis of the heart represent?

We use these heart emoji’s mostly on Instagram and other Social Media sites to express various meanings. As every color has different meaning of edxpressing it, you need to careful of when to use it. Now lets wihout wasting further time, dive into the details of each Heart emoji.

1. White Heart

Meaning: A pure love that cannot be broken is represented by a white heart, and this love can never be erased.

Where to Use: This heart might be used to symbolise the love that a parent has for their kid, or it could signify a love that will last through the generations. You can send this to close family members, but you probably shouldn’t send it to someone you’ve just met for the first time.

2. Red Heart

Meaning: Red Heart is the classic Emoji that represents the true love.

Where to Use: You can use it express/convey love or passion for your long term partner or close friend or that sort of. This is the mst used and default heart emoji for most of all.

3. Black Heart

Meaning: When looking for a way to convey a gloomy sense of humour, several internet users prefer this emoji. This emoji is also common among those who enjoy listening to alternative music.

Where to use: TThis black heart may be used to indicate melancholy or grief, or it can simply be used to match a darker aesthetic. It is used in the opposite context as the red heart.

4. Green Heart

Meaning: Internet users also call this Emoticon as the jealous emoji.

Where to use: In addition to implying thoughts of jealousy, it may also have implications of living a natural and healthy lifestyle.

5. Blue heart

Meaning: The blue heart is said to represent trust, harmony, serenity, and loyalty.

Where to use: Those individuals who are wanting to demonstrate their support for Autism Awareness have taken to using this symbol.

6. Yellow Heart

Meaning: When the Heart emoji is yellow or gold in colour, it conveys feelings of joy and friendship.

Where to Use: On Snapchat, this yellow heart will display next to the name of the person with whom you exchange the most snaps. This indicates that this person is one of your closest friends. You can use wherever it is appropriate.

7. Purple Heart

What is the meaning: Utilized in order to demonstrate When someone is wanting to convey compassion or love. Wealth is another meaning that might be attached to its use.

Where to use: Users on  social media will frequently add the “purple heart” to photographs that they post of their attire or makeup.

8. Sparkle heart

Meaning: The sparkle heart has many use cases. It shows love and affection, often with a happy, playful, or sweet tone.

Where to use: Instagram users frequently use the sparkling heart emoticon, also known as the stars heart emoji, in their photos in an effort to attract more attention to those posts. Because of its predominant usage of gold and red, it is also appropriate for use over the festive season.

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