How to Find The Best Hashtags for Instagram

Instagram hashtags are an effective way to get your targeting audience and more engagement for your Instagram post forever. Do you know how effective hashtags are? A post with at least one hashtag will get an average of 12. 6% more engagement than a post without hashtags. Yes, It’s really working to get more followers to many brands.

If you want to get more engagement with you on Instagram then you should follow this Instagram strategy. For this, you have to choose the best and content-related hashtags with low competition.  But, how to find the best hashtags for your Instagram? Don’t worry, this Ultimate will give you the complete guide on Instagram hashtags. Moreover, it will help your Instagram post to standout.

Best ways to Find Perfect hashtags for your Instagram

If you’re wondered how to find the best hashtags for your Instagram then don’t bother. In this guide, I’ll give you the best ways to find perfect hashtags for your Instagram. Moreover, I will give the best and popular hashtags ever on Instagram to get more engagement. Let’s look at them and use that tricks when you post on Instagram.

1.Follow The popular Instagram hashtags

If you need some help in finding unique or industry-specific hashtags? Then you may want to check out the list of popular Hashtags of Lazygeeks. These hashtags will help you to get more reach for your posts. Moreover, there may be a chance to get more followers.

2. Research Your Audience

Adding random or irrelated to your post is not going to get more reach and followers. So, research whats your audience or other Instagrammers used hashtags that are related to your Instagram posting. Apart from that, your hashtags should be related to what your audience really seeking.

3. Research Your Competitors

The best way to get perfect and your post relevant hashtags of successful brands using tags, strategies to get more engagement.

Study at brands with similar content, products, or target audience and carefully assess their content strategy. And hone in on their top-performing posts in particular, and highlight the hashtags that could be applicable to your brand for future posts.

4.Find Related Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags is more important than adding any random hashtags. Before going to add tags to your Instagram post, you should choose related hashtags for your publishing post. You can find tags on top brands, Instagrammers who have posted the same content as your going to post.

Best Instagram Hashtags in 2021

#beach #l4l #blogger #instadaily #lol #blue #instagram #model #nature#hot #followme #pink #bestoftheday #night #blackandwhite #nofilter #food #f4f #family #foodporn #fashionblogger #black #me #gym #home #makeup #photography #girl #pretty #fitfam #lifestyle #work #sky #love #amazing #beautiful #sun #luxury #vsco #landscape #cute #llike4like #hair #girls #london #tbt #life #picoftheday #beauty #smile

Popular hashtags for instagram

#instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #like4like #picoftheday #art #happy #photography #instagram #followme #style #follow #instadaily #travel #life #cute #fitness #nature #beauty #girl #fun #photo #amazing #likeforlike #instalike #selfie #smile #me #lifestyle #model #follow4follow #music #friends #motivation #like #food #inspiration #repost #summer #design #makeup #TBT #followforfollow #ootd #family #l4l #cool

Best practices of using hashtags on Instagram

Include hashtags in your first comment

Most of the brands will add their tags in the first comment of their post. Because, if you add your tags under your post, it’s not looking good to your viewer, and it’s too irritating to see your tags under your post. So, it’s better to add hashtags in the first comment of your post.

How many hashtags should use on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to add up to 30  hashtags for your regular Instagram post. And you can use up to 10 hashtags to your Instagram stories. But that does not mean, you should include 30 hashtags on every post. Using 30 Hashtags is not a matter but, using relevant and right tags is a must to reach your post more eyes. Using more tags looks like spam to your views so it’s better not to use more irrelevant tags in your post. That’s why many brands include up to five hashtags on their posts. Even though they reached more people’s eyes. Let’s see below, how many hashtags the brands were used in their post.

How to find best hashtags for instagram

Encourage others to use your hashtags

If you want to promote your brands, you should ask your friends, followers to use your branded hashtags in their posts. Then your brand reaches more people.

include relevant hashtags in your post

If you’re targeting regularly applied hashtags then you need the photo that goes with your Instagram caption to stand out.

As I mentioned ahead, the hashtags you use should be related to the photo you’re posting. If you’re adding irrelated hashtags to your post that doesn’t reach your target audience. So, it’s better to add your post-relevant tags, even if it is few tags.

Catch on trending topics

If you want to stand out on Instagram then you should research and following trending topics. Using hashtags that are already trending is the best strategy to get your target audience and grow your engagement also. So, focus on trending topics that are related to you.

Final Words

Before going to add tags you should learn how your competitors using tags and how they stand out. Moreover, using high competitive hashtags are not work out to reach more eyes and you’re post is not going to see at the top also. So, learn about other popular brands and top Instagrammers who used hashtags related to your post. Moreover, you should avoid using high competition hashtags, which means more people used the same hashtags. If you use the millions of people used tags then your post does not gonna see at the top as I said before. So,  you should try to add some popular and less competitive hashtags that are related to user posts.

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