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How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

Add Music to Instagram Stories

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories: Instagram has offered lots of amazing features, the Instagram story is a great and engaging feature of them. It allows us to add photos and short videos to stories and that will appear for 24 hours. Billions of people using Instagram Stories every day to grab people’s attention and enhance their reach. So, Instagram offers many features to make your story more funny and Attractive. But, a story without background music is incomplete.

So, Instagram also offered a selection of tunes from its own library and other streaming services to make your story even more pleasant. If you haven’t an idea on how to add music to your stories, don’t worry, you’re in the right place to know.

This ultimate guide will help you, how to add music to your Instagram stories.

How to add music to Instagram stories within seconds

If you want to add music to your Instagram stories, you can add it from your mobile by following below few steps

  • Firstly, you have to choose photos or videos to upload to your stories
  • Go to your Instagram and click on your story, then you’re able to see the camera
  • Then swipe up the screen and select photos or videos whatever you want to add to your stories
  •  After choosing your photos, you’re  able to see the next on the right button of your screen, tap on it
  • Then you will enter into the next page, which has multiple options like stickers, text, filters, save option, and more
  • You can add filters, text, or special effects to your photos, if you want to
  • Then click on the sticker at the top of the screen.
  • Then you’re able to see various options like location, date, hashtag, gif, camera, stickers,  along with the music option.
  • Here, you can add the location, number of stickers, also you can add date, hashtags, you can ask questions by using the question option
  • After this process, click on the music option, These options also available on the same page where you added stickers, location hashtags, and more.

What should you do after clicking on the music option?

After clicking on the music option, you’re able to see numerous music options for you, you can choose any one of them. Or else you can browse for your required songs, there are various music genres like pop, lovesongs, Punjabi songs, themes, Bollywood, Hollywood music. So, you can select any one of them or you can add music according to your moods, like fun, sad, love, happy, and more from there.

After choosing your required music, tap the play button to hear whatever clip you want to add. If you added a static image to your story, the music will play max for 15 seconds. If you want to add a video to your story the music, the music will divide separately into 15 seconds segments, the music will run as long as the total video play.

How to add music to instagram stories

Moreover, you have an opportunity to determine what portion of your track playing in your story, with a photo. If you’re happy with your photo and don’t want to show a song album on your story click on done. Then the song will appear as a sticker on your story.

Once you finish your song selection, then the song will appear as a sticker on your story. You can change the size of the song sticker by pinching and expanding with your fingers. And you can place the sticker on any object or a person, that will appear along with that person or object in your story.

Upload Instagram story with music

After adding music and placing the music sticker, tap on next, then you can share directly to your story or you can click on close friends list or you can directly send to your friends click on whatever you want, then your story will appear on your Instagram stories. You can play it by clicking on your story and if you want to pause it tap on the screen. Besides, you’re followers and friends can see your story in the same way.

How to add music to Uploaded media?

If you want to add an existing video or picture to your Instagram stories, then choose it from your uploaded media and click on next. Then click on the sticker option to add music to your selected photo or video, add music to it and select the music sticker and adjust it to place on the story then upload it to your story as usual.

In a short way

  • select photos or videos from your gallery tap on Next
  •  Then add effects, stickers, filters if you want to, then tap on top of the sticker
  • Then you’re able to see more options along with music added tool
  • Click on music, choose whatever you want from the list of displayed songs
  • Select the music clip by playing the song
  • After this process, adjust the  music sticker size and place it anywhere in  your story
  • Click on done and share it to your story directly or choose persons to see your story by clicking on the close friend’s list. that’s it! your story will be done.

You can add Music from External Services

If you don’t like to use the Instagram music library you can add music from external sources like Spotify, Soundcloud, and more. For this, you should have an app on your mobile and open the app and choose a song from its playlist. And click on the share option on the Spotify to Instagram stories click on it. Then you can add stickers, texts, effects to your story and upload them to your Instagram stories.

These are ways to add music to your Instagram stories from the Instagram music library as well as other external services. Still, if you don’t know how to add music to Instagram stories then this guide will give you the complete guide on how to add music to your stories step by step. I hope, this will help you whenever you want to add music to your Instagram stories. If you have any doubts, let me know in the comment section below.

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