How To Check Own Mobile Number on Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance Jio, Mtnl.

We bring you a new article on How to check your own mobile number. This article means that you do not know your mobile number whenever you get a new sim. Sometimes you should have forgotten or not known your phone number, In such cases, you can find out your phone number in different ways. Such in cases you can call your friend’s number and note down your own number displayed on your friend’s phone screen, Although you can also use your phone setting’s to find out your phone number

Even if the balance on our phone is not enough, you can able to check the number – which is free code.  However, The most popular and easiest method You can find out your phone number for free with dialing USSD codes given this Telecom operator like airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Telenor, and Reliance JIO using USSD codes without any charges.

How to check your own mobile number

How to Know Check Own Mobile Number 1st

So USSD codes are useful for us to check the phone number also not all USSD codes are the same Each network has a USSD code even not all same USSD codes. Although this reminds you.

  • To know your phone number
  • Go to the phone app and dial *1#
dial *1#
                                     Dial *1#

1. How to check Airtel mobile number? or (What is my Airtel Mobile Number?)

Check Your Airtel Mobile Number (My Airtel Number)

To know your Airtel mobile number:

  • Dial *1# on your airtel mobile

you can dial anything with the help of USSD codes below, once done your phone number will be displayed on the screen.

*121*93#                                    *140*175
*140*1600#                                *282#
*400*2*1*10#                            *141*123#

2. How to check your Idea mobile number? [ what is my idea mobile number]

check idea mobile number

To know your Idea phone number:

  • Dial *1# on your Idea mobile phone

Or dial any one of the fo

llowing USSD codes and follow the instructions on the screen to know your Idea phone number.

*131*1#                      *147*2*4#                 *131#                  *147#
*789#                          *100#                         *616*6#
*147*8*2#                  *125*9#                     *147*1*3#

3. How to check your BSNL mobile number?  [What is my mobile number]

Check Your BSNL Mobile Number

To know BSNL phone number,

  • Dial *222# through your BSNL SIM

4. How to check Vodafone’s mobile number?

how to check vodafone mobile number

To know the Vodafone mobile number:

  • Dial *111*2# on your Vodafone mobile number
  • Or dial *555#, *555*0#, *777*0#, *131*0#, and follow the instructions on the screen.

5. How to check your Tata DoCoMo phone number?

how to check tata docomo mobile number

To know your Tata Docomo phone number:

  • Dial *1# on your Tata Docomo mobile
  • Or dial *124#, *580# and follow the instruction on the screen

6. How to check the Telenor mobile number?

How to check Telenor Mobile number?

To check your Telenor mobile number:

  • Dial *1#  on your Telenor mobile number

7. How To Check Mtnl Mobile Number?

Mtnl Mobile Recharge Plans in Mumbai - ET Telecom

To check your MTNL Mobile Number:

  • Dial *8888# on your MTNL Mobile Number display on the screen

8. How to check Reliance JIO Mobile Number?

you can download my JIO app from google play store and email or id or login then automatically your phone number displays the screen.

Reliance Jio How to Check Main Balance, Prepaid Balance, Data Usage, Tariff plans, and More [USSD Codes] (2)

USSD codes list to check your mobile number for all network operators:

These USSD codes all are easy ways to know your mobile numbers. Although any USSD codes are not working mentioned a comment box.

Telecom Operator USSD Code
Airtel *121*9#  or *121*1#
BSNL *222#
Idea *131*1# or *121*4*6*2#
MTNL *8888#
Reliance *1# or *111#
TATA DOCOMO *1# Or *124#
Vodafone *111*2#
Videocon *1#
Telenor *1#


Final Words

We can give all types of telecom operators networks USSD codes I hope the above-mentioned USSD codes will of use to BSNL, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, and Telenor,  MTNL, customers in India. These codes are valid all over India and will help you find your own mobile number. If you like which article shares with your friends and relatives and also bookmark for this site.

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