How to Post on Instagram from Mac or PC


Billions of people using Instagram every day and enjoying with amazing features of Instagram. But, even there are heaps of astonishing features on Instagram still, it does not allow us to upload photos and videos to our profile from PC or Mac. If you are looking at how to post on Instagram from Mac or Pc, you are in the right place.

There are many influences, photographers, businesses who are taken content on camera. But, it becomes quite a risky and time-consuming task to sending everything from desktop to phone to post. Do you have the same accusation on Instagram? Don’t worry, there are some ways around this issue to post Instagram from your PC or Mac, even though Instagram does not offer any official way.

Here in this guide, we have compiled lots of information about how to post Instagram from Mac or PC. And we have clearly explained below step by step.

How to post on Instagram from your desktop?

There are some ways to post Instagram from your Desktop. But all those are work depends on your operating system. So, we have discovered some ways to post on Instagram from Mac Or PC. Here, in this guide, we have explained clearly how to post Instagram from your desktop.


How to post instgaram from desktop

Step1: open a developer tools from your chrome

step2:  Then console will open, click on the icon to change the user agent

step3: After that, select the mobile model from the list of  devices

step4: Then the upload button will appear automatically on your computer files

Step5: Next, you have to select a photo to upload and rotate it and zoom out, if it is a portrait or   a landscape image

Step6: Then you have a range of filters available for you if you want, use them otherwise ignore them. If you’re ready then press the next button.

step7: On other pages, you can add captions to your post and click on share then your post will be published

How to post on Instagram from a PC?

If you want to post on Instagram from PC, you need to have a google chrome

Then follow below few steps.


Step1: Firstly, you have to open chrome and Enter instagaram.com

Step2: Then go to your browser settings and click on the three dots on the right side. Then click on more tools, then developers tools

Step3: Then you’re able to see the developers window for chrome

Step4: Click on the mobile button and select your present mobile interface.

Step5: Refresh the page, then you can see the mobile interface on your browser

Now you’re able to post on Instagram from your PC or Desktop as you would on your phone.

How to post on Instagram from a Mac?

How to post on instagram from Mac

If you want to post on Instagram from Mac you can use google chrome just like the above or else you can use Mac default safari.

Here I will explain how to post Instagram from Mac Using Safari. Let’s follow the below few steps whenever you post Instagram from your Mac.

Step1: Open your Safari and browse instagram.com

Step2: Next, Go to the preference menu of Safari then Click on Advanced

Step3: Then Check the box to show The develop menu in the menu bar then it will appear in the top menu bar

Step4: In the Develop menu click on user agent and then choose your mobile interface

Step5: Then you can refresh the page and now able to upload the post on Instagram from your Mac.

Then you’re able to upload multiple videos, photos from here on your Mac.

Third-Party Tools To Post On Instagram From Any Computer

Another way to post to Instagram from your PC or Mac is to use a third-party tool flume. This is a program you can download to your desktop or use online which posts to your account for you.

How to edit an Instagram post from Desktop, PC

There are many ways to edit your Instagram post from your desktop. Here I will give you one of the best ways below.


Hootsuite design lets you edit any image directly on your dashboard before you post it, Unfortunately, you won’t be able to edit the image once it’s posted.

Follow below steps to edit:

  • Firstly you have to Log into your Hootsuite dashboard and open it. If you don’t have an account firstly you should create it.
  •  Then open it, click on the green New post button at the top.
  • Then one post window will appear then select the Instagram account where you want to post your content.
  • if you haven’t added an account then click on add social media network
  •  Next drop the videos or posts whatever you want to post on Instagram in the media section, if you want to edit click on Edit Image under the media section.
  • On the sidebar, you have various options like:
  • Add filters
  • Adjust lighting
  • Adjust focus
  • Add text
  • Add stickers
  • Add frames
  • Use the brush tool
  • After finishing, click on save
  • Then you can add captions, hashtags, location then click on the post

How to post  Instagram Stories from desktop, Pc

If you don’t know how to post an Instagram story from your desktop, PC, then you just follow few steps to post an Instagram story from your PC or Mac within one minute.

Step1: Firstly, you have to go to Instagram.com.

Step2: Then go to developer mode either on Safari or Google Chrome as we explained above, see them if have any doubt.

Step3: Then, Click on the camera in the top left.

Step4:  Next, Choose an image or video you’d like to add to your story. Moreover, you can edit it with text, stickers, filters, gifs, or whatever else.

Step5: After that, Tap Add to your story at the bottom, that’s it, your story will be created from PC or Mac

These are the few best ways to post Instagram from your PC or Mac, even though, there no official ways from Instagram. I hope, this guide will assist you to post Instagram from your PC or Mac and save your time as well.

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