How to Record Mac Screen with Audio

Have you ever wondered how to record a Mac screen with audio? Don’t worry, it’s very easy to do with either its built-in tools on your computer or with third-party apps that can help you drive your task with ease and design prominent visuals for your presentations, client communications, product demos, and more.

Now we will show you, how to screen record on Mac with internal audio in a simple way.

Let’s follow the guide below.

How to Record Mac Screen with internal Audio within seconds

This is the simplest way to record your Mac screen with audio with your device’s building tool. To stir it,  Just you have to press  shift+ command+5 keys together. Then press Record. But, if you want to record a screen on Mac with sound, go to Options> Microphone before you click on the Record option. Then you will be able to see onscreen controls for recording the entire screen or recording a selected portion click on what you required.

This is a very easy and simple way to Screen record on Mac with sound. And, you can record the screen on Mac by using third-party apps, as I said at the commence of our guide.

Let’s see how to record a Mac screen with audio by using third-party apps.

Screen Record on Mac with Cleanshort X

How to record screen on Mac with Audio

CleanShort X allows you to choose how to record your screen as MP4 or GIFs. Moreover, you can also add audio from your device when you record.

All you have to do is, tap on the CleanShot X icon in the menu bar. Then select the record screen and press space to start recording your present window.

In the CleanShot X app, you will get an option to add your camera feed to the recording, as well as display clicks and cursor and highlight keystrokes while your recording. Besides, you can enable Do Not Disturb while recording in the app’s screen record settings before you start. This is how you Screen Recordon Mac with third-party app Clearshort X. Apart from this, there are many third-party apps for you to screen record on Mac. Almost all have the same process to record  Mac screens.

Quicktime player Screen Recording with Audio

How to record Screen on Mac with Audio

QuickTime Player is a build-in Tool of Mac for recording screen, video, calls. So, if you want to record the screen using QuickTime, either you can use the shortcut key shift+command+5 or go to file > New screen recording then choose the recording options like record full screen or portion of the screen and enable audio in options. Let s see below how to record calls and skype on Mac using QuickTime player.

How to record calls on Mac

If you want to record your face time calls, you can QuickTime player. First, you need to inform your participants they’re being recorded. Then open Quicktime next,  File > New Screen Recording, and select to record the entire screen or its portion, as well as enable audio recording in Options.

After completion of your recording, click on the stop on the menu bar. Then your video will open in QuickTime automatically.

How to record Skype meetings on Mac

If you want to record your Skype calls, first you have to inform all your participants that they’re will be recorded and take their explicit approval. Then click on three dots at the bottom right of your calls and click on the recording. Then your call participates will be able to see a banner at the top of their call informing them of the conversation being recorded.

How to Record Mac Screen with Audio on iPad and iPhone using QuickTime

The same process of above can be used for iPhones as well as iPads. For this, you have to do this.

1. For this, you just connected to your iPhone or other iOS devices using QuickTime recording

2. Next, run your recording application.

3. Then Go to file, in the drop-down menu click on select a new recording option.

4. After that, it’s time to do settings for sound for this, you have to choose iOS on microphones and camera options.

5. After making the sound controlling settings according to your requirement, it’s time to start recording. Start recording.

6.  After the completion of your recording process, you can preview your video and edit it and save it on your device if you want.

How to Screen Record on a Mac Using Screenshot Toolbar

How to record screen on Mac with audio


Screen recording on Mac using build-in Mac feature screenshot toolbar, you should remember the shortcut keyboard to start screen recording is shift+command+ 5 as I told in the beginning. Press shift+command+5 together and then click on the record to start screen recording or if you want to record your full screen with audio then go to options to turn on audio recording and other settings. That’s it, your screen recorded on Mac with sound Using the inbuilt Mac feature Screenshot Toolbar.

Final thoughts

If you want to screen record on Mac with audio, it’s a very simple job with Mac build-in features screenshot toolbar and Quicktime, or else there are plenty of third-party apps to screen record on Mac. I hope, this guide will teach you how to screen record on Mac with sound using QuickTime player and screenshot Toolbar.

Moreover, we’ve explained above, how to use third-party apps to screen recording on your computer. I hope, this article will guide you when you want to record a screen on Mac. Have any doubts? If yes, let me know in the comments section.

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