How to Recover Deleted Snapchart messages in 2020

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app. With this, you can share pictures, videos, messages with your friends, family, or loved ones. But, Snaps and messages sent through Snapchat will automatically delete once they v been viewed. That means you’re not able to see  Snapchat messages, pictures after you viewed them. But, what to do if you want to see your sent or received messages? Is there any way to recover Snapchat messages? Yes, in this guide we will explain to you, How to recover Deleted Snapchat Messages, Pictures. Do you want to know how to type backward three as a symbol of Ɛ  on an iPhone or PC?

There are many ways to retrieve your deleted Snapchat history on iPhone or android. I will give you four methods to recover Snapchat history. So let see, what are those.

Best ways to retrieve Snapchat messages


How to retrieve deleted sent snaps or incoming snaps on Snapchat?

Do you want to know how to recover deleted Snapchat messages? So, this guide will help you.

Sometimes, we need to see our old Snapchat messages, pictures, and videos again. Actually, people don’t know how to get deleted Snapchat data, But, you can get it again if you follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, you have to Open Snapchat on your device and Login Your Account
  • Then, Go to Settings and click on My Data
  •  After that, Fill Snapchat Username And Password
  •  Click on Submit Request
  •  Then you’re  able to get a mail Wait for Mail for Snapchat
  •  Click on Link and Download your Data

Is there any chance to save my Snapchat messages?

Yes. There is a chance to save your messages Even the Snapchat was designed to delete messages after viewing.  But, Snapchat offers an amazing method for its users to save messages to see them later. Let see how to save messages step by step.

Step1: Firstly you need to open your Snapchat then open the chat about what want to save.

Step2: Then long press on the message then it will show you as your message saved.

Your saved message will be highlighted with a grey color. You can see the message until you save it again.


How to retrieve Snapchat conversation history on Android or ISO devices?

If you’re an Android or ISO user, Then this method will help you to recover your deleted Snapchat messages and snaps. If your Snapchat messages or snaps disappear, it does not mean your messages are deleted permanently from your phone memory.

Those messages and snaps are still in your phone memory. But, they’re renamed with .nomedia extension so you can’t see it. It means all apps should ignore it. So, If you can find the .nomedia files then rename them that’s it. Then you’re able to get your deleted messages back.

For this, you need to download the file manager app or else APK from the app store. There are many file managers like File expert, Ok File manager, Auto file manager, and more. So, you can download any one of these apps from the play store. Let’s follow this guide after installation.

  • You have to open the file manager on your device and then search the .nomedia files on your folders.
  • Then rename the files and remove the.no media extension permanently. It will allow other apps to show the data so you can see them.


Recover Snapchat messages and memories on the iPhone/ iPod/ iSO Devices

Fonelab app s the best tool to recover your iPhone or ISO devices Snapchat history. There are many netizens who have been using this Fonelab app to retrieve their Snapchat data. So, if you’re an iPhone or iPod user then, this method will definitely help you to recover your messages and snaps.

For this, just you have to download the Fonelab app on your device. And, Then follow below few steps below to get your data back.

  • Download the Fonelab app on your ISO or iPhone device
  • Then Connect your device to the computer through a USB cable
  • After your phone enters recovery from the ISO device mode then the scan option appears on your device, starts scanning.
  • After this process, select the data from whatever you want to recover from Snapchat.
  • Select all the messages, pictures, videos to recover from Snapchat and click on the Recover button to get your deleted data.
  •  select the destination folder then your data will be recovered.

Final Note

I hope you love this guide on how to recover Snapchat messages. Here, I have given the best three methods to recover your messages and snaps. No matter you’re an Android,iPhone or ISO user, all the above-mentioned methods will works. Have doubts on how to recover Snapchat deleted data? Let me know in the comment section, Then I will answer your queries.

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