Indian Navy Day- Wishes Images,Quotes

Indian Navy Day:

The Indian Naval Force observes the 4th of December every year to commemorate its achievements and celebrate its magnificence and sacrifices made for the country.

On the same date, during the INDO-PAK war in 1971. The brave Indian navy attacked the Karachi harbor using the Indian Naval Missile boats. The day is celebrated with the specific theme of “Safe Seas and Secure Coasts for a strong Nation”. And remembers all the martyrs of the war every year.

In 2017, a Bollywood film titled “The Ghazi Attack” that talked about the Indian Navy’s brave attack on Pakistan’s Submarine Ghazi during the Indo Pak War of 1971. was also released. Seven Hawk aircraft were also inducted into the Navy in addition to the commissioning of INS Karma. The base for Indian Navy’s Marcos in Vizag.

History of Navy Day:

Nearly 300 soldiers died and 700 were injured in the attack. This operation is famously known as Operation Trident.

The hostilities had their origins in Pakistan’s mass atrocities on its eastern front. Some believe 3 million people died. Around 10 million people from East Pakistan crossed to the border and sought refuge in India.  India’s retaliation included Operation Trident.

The attack destroyed Pakistan’s major fuel reserves and ammunition stocks. The group of attacking vessels is known as the Killer Squadron. The war ended on 16th December 1971 with the liberation of East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh. Father of Indian navy CHHATRA PATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ. Shivraj had a total of 8 marriages in their lifetime,  each one was the decision of Shivaji Maharaj considering its effect and use to the kingdom.

Indian Navy Day Wishes Images, Quotes

-How about we salute the nation, on the Navy Day.Happy Indian Navy Day.

-Give us a chance to celebrate proudly the administration rendered to the country By Our daring and magnanimous warriors – The Men In White! Many many happy returns of the day.

-They are pleased to serve the country, it’s kin, it’s coasts and all frontiers. Wishing all the Naval Personnel serving the country with pride, A VERY HAPPY NAVY DAY!

-Our Nation is an extraordinary country, Our Nation is exceptionally amazing, From the ocean to the sand, I adore this land! I salute the warriors in white, happy Indian navy Loaded: 9.32%

-Pay our tribute to the genuine Heroes who yielded their life for our opportunity.

-We can see the dawn openly and we can hear the stream water sound calmly; as we have our opportunity. We have brave men who protect our country. Men in white are the Bravehearts.


-Hold Hands In Hands, Brave India’s!!! By joining as one we remain by isolating we as a whole fall. Let us support those who are on borders to protect us. happy navy day to the men guarding our water borders.

-Opportunity In Mind And Words, Pride In Our Hearts, Memories In Our Souls, Let’s Salute the Nation, On The Navy Day Happy Indian Navy Day 2018

-They pleased to serve the country, it’s kin, it’s coasts and all frontiers. Wishing all the Naval Personnel serving the country with pride, A VERY HAPPY NAVY DAY!

–Indian Navy Day dependably helps us to remember all our saints who remain steadfast to protect us. Upbeat Indian Navy Day.

-Give us a chance to observe Indian Navy Day by saluting all the navy men for their valiance, commitment, and energy. Cheerful Indian Navy Day.

-It is the adoration for the country and individuals of the country that motivates the Indian Navy to be such a solid and moving power…. Cheerful Indian Navy Day. Upbeat Indian Navy Day.

-A nation can be free on the off chance that it has men guarding it with affection for the country in their souls…. All the best on Indian Navy Day.


-On the event of Indian Navy Day, let us thank the Indian Navy for their commitment and assurance”.

-Give us a chance to take motivation from our navy men to adore our nation and represent it… .. All the best on Indian Navy Day”.

-The country which overlooks its safeguards will act naturally forgotten, we ought to always remember our navy is guarding our seas, just like armed force guarding our lands. Happy Navy Day India”.

-A decent Navy isn’t an incitement to war. It is the surest surety of peace. I express gratitude toward the Indian navy fro keeping this peace.For keeping us safe.Happy Navy Day”.

–Hearts of oak are our boats, Gallant tars are our men. They stand like a shield for us. Happy navy day to the nation and honor to the men in white”.

-Navy groups have achieved the territory to dispatch an activity for the recuperation of survivors or of the considerable number of bodies. The extraordinary things with ease.Happy navy day to the men in white”.

—The navy resembles a communist nation. Productivity isn’t a piece of the language. They give their best to protect us. Happy navy day to everyone”.


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Final Words; 

Indan Navy protects with sea route and oceans and also we protect our life and joy. Indian navy soldiers work on the duty in 17 years in the field. And we are appearing with dress code and also maintained with discipline and also we are serving with our country and also with family. soldiers are mainly with duty in see route and also soldiers are going to some other countries and meat with anther country soldiers and we sign In some rules and regulations. They are well trained and how to missile launch in weapons and what is the Indian navy so they are learning with by captains. And also we are surviving with our country and also they are Indian navy soldiers we respect him and love them. Its time to honor our brave navy soldiers please like, share, and comment section below.

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