How to Remove a Google account from your Android or iOS Devices

How to remove a google account from android, iOS, PC and iPhone
Have you ever wondered how to remove a google account from your device? So, you’re on the right track, in this guide we will let you know how to do it in a simple way.
To access your contacts, email, and install apps from the google play store, you need to add an account to your phone or computer. So, when you add your google account to your device, information will be associated with your account automatically sync with your phone or computer.
But, nowadays information is overloading quickly, and sometimes you just need to simplify things to acquire peace of mind.
So, Removing a google account can achieve it. When you remove an account, every information associated with that account will be deleted from your Android, iPhone, or computer. Such as contacts, email accounts,  your settings, and more.
So, if you don’t want to lose your information, it’s a great idea to backup them before going to remove your account from your Andriod or iPhone.
However, if you want to Delete an account from your device, just follow the below instructions. It will help to guide when you’re removing a google account permanently from your Phone.

how to remove a google account from chrome

1. Open your chrome, then you’re able to see the mail that you’re associated with your chrome.

2. Click on that mail or account, then you will go to the settings

3. Then click on the mail or account that you’re able to see in the settings

4. Next, you’ll see all the accounts[ mails] that are used on your device, click on one which you want to remove

5. Then, tap google>account[email, you wish to remove]> Delete

Simply, Chrome> click on email account at the top of the page>settings>Tap the account [ email or gamil] that is currently accessed on your device>other accounts [All the accounts that are accessing on your device will open]>clic on the one you want to remove>Google> Accounts and sync again click on the account you want to delete>Delete

How to remove a google account from your Android Phone

If you’re an android phone user, you can easily remove your account, just by below a few steps. Let’s get started to remove your google on your android device with the guidance of the below instructions.

1. Go to your phone settings

2. In settings, click on accounts and sync


How to remove a Google Account from your android phone

3. Then choose the app or account you want to remove. So, here you want to remove google so, click on it

How to remove a Google Account from your android device

4. Then the accounts or emails that you have on your device will open. So, choose one, you want to remove from your device and tap on it

How to remove a Google account on chrome android


5. Next, the accounts and sync will open with your account, click on the delete at the bottom of the page as shown in the below image

How to remove a Google Account from Android and iOS


6. Then confirm by tapping on Delete.

That’s it. Your google account will be removed and also you will lose all the information permanently associated with that account like contacts, Gmail, settings.

how to remove a google account from my computer or laptop

  1. Go to your google account[ email or Gmail account] click on it
  2. In your Google account, click on the data & privacy section
  3. Then scroll down your privacy options, click on the delete your google account in more options at the bottom of your page.
  4. Then follow the instructions to delete your account step by step

Your google account will be deleted or removed from your computer or laptop. Then you’ll lose all the information associated with that account on your device.

How to Remove a google account from an iOS device

If you’re using a Gmail app on your device to access your google account, follow the steps below to remove your google account on your ioS devices via the Gmail app.

How to remove a google account on iOS via Gmail app

1. Firstly, you have to open your Gmail app on your device.

2. Then Select the menu three lines, then select “Manage Accounts” followed by “Edit.”

3. Next, click “Remove” next to the account you want to remove and confirm your choice.

4. Then select “Done” on the top left. That’s it. Your account will be removed from your ios Device.

If you’re using the Safari app to access your Google account, follow the below instructions

How to remove a google account from your Safari app

1. First, Open your Safari app.

2. Then go to

3. Next,  Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner and then tap “Sign out”( If you’re  not already)

4. Then click on “Sign in,” and

5. Tap on “Sign in with a different account.”

5. Next, click on “Remove,” select the account you want to drag from the device and select “Done.”

 Wrapping up

If you’re decided to remove your google account from your iPhone, Android, iOS devices, back up the data. Because you’ll lose all the information associated with your Google account.

Removing a google account is nothing but removing a Gmail or email account that you added when you created a google account.

I hope, this guide will help those people who want to remove their Google account permanently. If you have any queries regarding this guide, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

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