By Kittoo

August 27, 2022

How Having a dog makes you more appealing

Dog lovers dont need a reason to have more furry family, the perk is that they make you more appealing.

A research found that approximately  35% of the women and 36% of the men who are enticed to someone becuase they had a dog

And 64% Women and 49% men are attracted to someone who adopted a resue dog

And around 75% women and 54% men said that they wouldnt date someone who doesnt like pets.

Here are 5 sdvatages of having a dog.

Having a dog let others tell you that you know the commitment. Because most pets take time, patience, and level of commitment.

You are more social. A person who have a dog tend to be more Social with communities and relationships.

You're most active and healthy. Dogs reduce effects of Anxiety and depression makes you healthy overall.

Having a pet describes you that you have more empathy towards others.

Having a dog indicates that you can take a good care of others.

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