Jack White enquired Snoop Dogg and Master P after they launched Snoop Loopz cereal.

The guitar impresario and Hip Hop enthusiast uploaded 

a snapshot of the product on Instagram, 

seeking further specifics on the marshmallow claims.

White stated in the caption, "I'd like to applaud Snoop Dogg

 on his new cereal launch and its charity implications."

In Broadus Foods' news release, the cereal box photo has 'MORE MARSHMALLOWS.' on it

 More than what? This new cereal can't have more marshmallows than before.

White hasn't done there...He kept going. 

His fascination got the best of him, or he was sippin' gin and juice, smoking heavy, 

or had too much leisure between concerts, so he pondered a cereal box.

"Is it true that this cereal has had more marshmallow than sand or caesar salad?

Or does Snoop Dogg want more marshmallows in general? It's my final hope.

One commenter asked, "Is that Snoop's pot you're smoking?"

Photos Courtesy of Shutterstock, HBO Max, Envato Elements and Everett Collection.

 "They're too high, Jack," commented another. 

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