Social Security's Biggest Change in 2023

By Tirupati Gumpula

August 22, 2022

Social Security can make your retirement more secure.

 Many older citizens depends on Social Security to meet their monthly expenses.

So, Any change to the program could potentially impact your retirement life.

Next year is very important for senirors who are on Social Security as...

There is one huge change coming to Social Security next year.

Even though you may get a larget check, it is not quite good overall.

Here's what you need to know about the upcoming Social Security change.

A highest COLA increase is all set to come for the 2023.

In the next coming months, SSA will annouce the COLA for 2023.

While the COLA 2023 will make adjustments for Social Security checks you are receiving.

You may expect an increase in the range of $159 per month to maintain 

the buying power of Older citizens during the Inflation.

Now here is the not so good news.

Inflation has rose 8.5 in the last one year if you get 9.6% increase that wont' impact your check s compared to high prices.

While increase in Social Security checks may barely keep up the buying power of the citizens. It wont increase it.

It is better to be more realstic as we move into 2023.

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