Turbotax drops IRS' Free File program

By Tirupati Gumpula

August 21, 2022

TurboTax to Stop free file program set up by the Internal Revenue Service beginning in July.

The firm was featured on the Internal Revenue Service website for many years

 for its free e-file services.

Turbo Tax has a free file option albeit not engaging in the IRS's program.

 Tax Payers who have previously used Turbo Tax's free file service

 may not be able to do this year.

This outcome will enable us to innovate in areas not allowed under the existing Free File standards

and better support the financial health of all Americans

 via all of our products and services,” Intuit stated.

Free Turbo Tax is offered for uncomplicated tax returns.

One option allows buyers to ask questions of an expert until March 31.

Full service puts consumers in touch with a specialist who prepares their taxes; 

the filing date is February 15.

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