By Kittoo

August 22, 2022

A Giant Yellowstone Bison Rams Car in National Park

A Yellowstone visitor filmed a bison pummeling a car during mating season.

A herd of bison blocked the road in the Yellowstone park's 

Hudson Valley area.

William Ogonowski, A visitor of Yellowstone filmed the incident

"They're attacking! They're fighting in public "Ogonowski says on video before the episode.

Bison are slowly migrating to Yellowstone's Lamar and Hayden valleys, 

indicating the mating season.

Bison in the park congregate in huge groups to engage in mating activity during the rut,

 which typically begins around the middle of July and continues well into September.

Bison engage in social contact with each other during this time, 

tthe males can be seen fighting for the attention of the females.

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