Top 10 Netflix Movies for Your Weekend Night

Deciding on one movie watch on Netflix is not an easy task. Even you don’t have an idea of what to watch on Netflix? Don’t get confused. In this guide, we’ve gathered the top 10 Netflix movies to stream on your weekend night or in your spare time.

Netflix offers the numerous latest movies often for its users. So, when you want to watch on Netflix, picking one instantly is a tough job, because it has a ton of latest and old movies, web series, tv shows, and more. That’s the reason most people are searching for new movies on Netflix as you reach this page.

So, all of you, we’ve listed in this guide the top10 Netflix movies to watch right now. Then why late? Let’s check the list below and pick one to watch in your spare time or weekend night.

Top 10 Netflix movies for your chill day

The royal treatment

Top 10 Netflix movies of all time

The royal treatment is a 2022  American romantic film directed by Rick Jacobson and holly hoster wrote this story. A new york hairdresser Izzy (Isabella) has a chance to a haircut at the wedding at the price of Thomas. Accidentally, Izzy and Thomas became close to each other’s and also fell in love even the price committed to getting marry someone else.

The story of the royal treatment is the love story between the hairdresser Izzy and the price Thomas. If you want to know how they became closed and whom Thomas will get married let’s see the whole film on Netflix.

Home Team

Top 10 Netflix Movies of all time

Home team is an American sports comedy movie. Charles Kinnane, Daniel Kinnane are the two directors who directed the home team.

On the home team, Sean python worked as an NFL head coach but after two years he was suspended as a coach then he will get back to his hometown and find himself reconnecting with his 12 years old son by coaching his pop warner football team.

Red notice

Top 10 Netflix movies of all time

A red notice is yey the most viewed films of Netflix in recent days. It is also an American action comedy movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. Rawson Marshall is not only directed this movie but also wrote and produced Red notice.

Now comes the storylines, In the world of international offense, an Interpol agent tries to chase and capture the world’s most-liked art thief.

Munich the Edge of war

Top 10 Netflix movies of all time

Munch the edge of war is a British or Jarman action film directed by Schwochow. It was released in January 2022 and listed in Netflix’s most-watched movies.

In this film, Set in the fall of 1938, Hitler scheduled to raid Czechoslovakia, and the government of Neville Chamberlain desperately desires a friendly solution. Then a British civil servant and a German ambassador, former classmates, travel to Munich to examine peace. this film also has the most views on Netflix.

Don’t lookup

Top10 Netflix movies of all time

Don’t look up is yet another most-watched movie of Netflix originals. Adam McKay; David Sirota has written the story but, only Adam Mckay has directed this movie.

In this film, director Adam Mckay explained the line between reality and imagination gets confused for a writer and sorrowing from depression.

Journey2: The mysterious island

Top 10 Netflix movies to watch right now

Brad Peyton directed Journey 2: the mysterious Island and released in 2012. In this journey 2 the 17 years old sean will brack the satellite control center then the police will arrest sean.

Sean Anderson obtains a coded distress signal from an island where no one can exist. Understanding that he will not be able to prevent Sean from tracking the signal to its source. Then, Sean’s new stepfather hank enters the teen on a search to the South Pacific. Together with helicopter pilot Gabato and Gabato’s feisty daughter, Kailani they set out to find the island and rescue its sole human resident.

These are the storylines journey2  the Brad wants to tell his audience. If you want to watch, go and check available on Netflix.

Can you keep a secret?

Top 10 Netflix movies


Peter hunching did the movie ” can you keep the secret” in a hilarious way. The young woman dribbles all of her secrets to a stranger on a plane when she thinks it’s about to crash. The stranger is non-other than her new company CEO but she doesn’t know until she catches him on to the company. Later she knows that his her CEO and he knows all the secrets of her.

All of us are dead

Top 10 Netflix movies right now


The story of  ” All of us are dead” is some students are trapped and they must flee their high school which has become ground zero for a zombie virus attack. The series mostly takes place at high schooling in South Korea. The first episode of this series released in January 2022. Moreover, this is one of the best movies of recent days, especially for teenagers. So, anyone can watch this movie, most recommended for teens.


Top 10 Netflix movies


Ozark is a series, as now three seasons are completed and the fourth is in planning for the future. And has completed 37 episodes.

A financial planner who migrates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. With his wife Wendy and two kids in tow, Marty is on the move after a money-laundering scheme failed, pushing him to pay off a significant debt to a Mexican drug lord to keep his family secure. While Byrdes’ fate hangs in the balance, the dire possibilities push the fractured family to reconnect.

Archive 81

Top 10 Netflix Movies right now

If you want to watch New movies on Netflix, Archive81 is one of Netflix’s top movies. It is an American sci-fi mystery horror series.  An archivist brings a job restoring damaged videotapes but discovers themselves getting hauled into a mystery involving the missing director and a mysterious cult that they were reporting.

Archive 81 is also one of the top 10 movies on Netflix. So, if you’re interested to watch it, available on Netflix right now, go and watch it.

Wrapping up

Netflix is a place where lots of people frequently watch international movies worldwide. It’s amazing, If you choose Netflix as your choice to watch movies on your weekend but, picking one from the bunch of movies is extremely difficult. So, that’s the reason, we’ve listed above the top 10 Netflix movies right now and ever.

I hope you easy to choose your required film from this list of Best Netflix original movies.

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