Top 10 Sport wear brands

Top 10 Sport wear brands.

Sportwear brand companies specialize in designing and manufacturing footwear, and clothing. Even also, equipment for sports and athletic activities. Sportwear brands have a focus on quality, goodwill, comfort, and style. These brands provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the best gear possible. Sportswear brands specialize in their role in the world. Because so many people are using sportswear dress footwear etc. So many people feel very like sportswear brands and these brands are very comfortable and very styling.

The sportswear companies are very fastly developing in these few years. Because of few the greatest sportswear companies maintain their goodwill, quality, and popularity. Nike and Adidas these two brands are maintaining their dominance for decades. Many sportswear brands with their product line of performance sportswear, yoga apparel, and sneakers. this dress is very popular amongst sportspersons.

If you want more information on sportswear brands let’s do read this article. We will explain in this article the top 10 sportswear brands list in worldwide…

1. Nike

Company nameNike Inc
HeadquartersBeavaerton, Oregon, US.
Area servedWorldwide
FoundedJanuary 25, 1964.
FoundersBill Bowerman and Phil Knight
Key peoplePhilip H.Knight,(chairman Emeritus), Mark Parker(Executive Chairman), John Donahoe (president and CEO), John Hoke (Chief Design officer).
Main sports productShoes.
RevenueUS $46.71 billion
Operating incomeUS $ 6.86 billion
Net incomeUS $ 6.05 billion
Total assetsUS $ 40.32 billon

Nike Sportswear company is a sub-brand is Nike, Inc. This company focuses on creating stylish and functional sportswear for everyday wear. Nike is a good sportswear brand and one of the best sneakers brands in the world and also very popular and sportswear sales. Nike is the biggest manufacturer of sports equipment company in the world. Nike company is the largest athletic shoe supplier and sporting apparel.

The Nike company gave a variety of clothing and footwear options for men, women, and children. The Nike sportswear manufacturer also has a clothing range of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and pants, while the footwear range includes sneakers and running shoes. This company all products are designed to combine both functionality and style. Even also focus on Innovative materials and technology.

Nike marketing its offering under so many brand names like Nike, Air Jordan Brand, Nike Dunk, Nike Cr7, And Nike Pro, etc. along with, subsidiaries of converse and Air Jordan brands.

2. Adidas

Company nameAdidas GA.
HeadquartersHerzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.
Area servedWorld Wide.
FoundedJuly 1949.
FoundersAdolf Dassler.
Key peopleThomas Rabe (chairman),  Kasper Rorsted (CEO).
Main sports productShoes.
Revenue23.88 billion
Operating income1.492billion
Net income22.5 billion
Total assets21.907 billon &

Adidas is a multinational corporation company. This company specializes in the design and manufacture of sportswear, footwear, and accessories. Adidas is a German company. This company also one of the best sportswear brands in the world. This is very popular and global sportswear sales. This company is the bigest sportswear brand in Europe. This company is the second-largest manufacturing company of sportswear in the world.

Adidas is manufacturing and designs Adidas clothing, Adidas shoes, and Adidas accessories. And also, this company produces sportswear tennis, snow sports, football, hockey, leggings, hoodies, pants, t-shirts and jackets shoes, sneakers, and all sports equipment. The Adidas brand is recognized worldwide. Adidas has a strong presence in the sports industry.


Company namePuma
HeadquartersHerzogenaurach, Germany.
Area servedWorld Wide
FoundersRudolf Dassler
Key peopleFrancois pinault (partner&president), Robyn Rihanna Fenty (partner & Fashion Designer), Shawn “jay-Z” Carter (partner, President of Basketball & Sports Designer), Arne  Ferundt(CEO).
Main sports productShoes.
Revenue8.465 billion
Operating income640 billion
Net income353 billion
Total assets6,772 billon
Number of employs18,071

Puma is a well-known and respected sportswear brand company. puma has been creating high-quality footwear and Sportswear equipment for over 70 years. The puma company gives very innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to sustainability. Puma equipment is well quality and stylish product. This company is the 3 biggest company in the world. puma is the largest sportswear supplier in the world. In 1924 Rudolf and his brother Adolf Adi Dessler both formed the company name Dassler Brothers Shoe factor. After a few years, This company is divided into two companies in 1948 one is Adidas and puma. Because this two brothers’ relationship deteriorates.

Puma is manufacturing sportswear equipment like running shoes, Golf, basketball, and more. The puma brand has a reputation for creating high-performance products. This company’s sports equipment not only looks great and is helpful to athletes.

4. Lululemon Athletica

Company nameLululemon Athletica
HeadquartersVancouver British Columbia, Canada.
Area servedWorldwide
Founders Chip Wilson
Key peopleCalvin McDonald (CEO)Glenn Murphy (chairman)Meghan Frank (CFO)Kristin Brady (CPO)Celeste Burgoyne (EVP, Americas)
Main sports productYoga pants and Yoga Wear
Revenue$ 7.944 billion
Operating income$ 1.605 billion
Net income$ 1.169 billion
Total assets$ 5,309 billon
Member of Emaly’s29,000

Lululemon is a Canadian multinational company. This company is manufacturing in 1988s as a retailer of Yoga pants and other Yoga wear. This company made sportswear leggings, shorts, sports bras, and other workout clothing. They have expanded this company. Because their product line includes items like jackets, accessories, and casual wear. Lululemon has 574 stores in international markets. This company sells online.

Lululemon Athletica maintains high-quality products, designed, and manufactured very style. The company uses technical fabrics that are moisture-wicking, and breathable. And also, comfortable to wear during workouts.

The company has a very strong online presence, with an e-commerce website. And also, social media accounts on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. They also have a large network of retail stores around the world. This kind of location is in North America, Europe, and Asia.

5. Under Armour

Company nameUnder Armour
HeadquartersBaltimore, Maryland U.S.
Area servedWorldwide
FoundersKevin plank
ISINUS9043111072 US9043112062
Key peopleKevin Plank
(Executive Chairman) Colin Browne
(Interim President and CEO)
Main sports productYoga pants and Yoga Wear
Revenue$ 5.80 billion
Operating  income$ 456.20 million
Net income$ 360.06 million
Total assets$ 4. 991 billon

Under Armour is a well-known American sportswear company. The company was founded in 1996 by Kevin plank. The company’s design is very fashion style dress and also maintained good quality. Sports people very much like this company’s products. Under Armour made these kinds of products and dress like footwear running shoe, t-shirts, and legging, shorts.

This company specialized in the use of innovative technologies in its products. This company is very talented in moisture-wicking fabrics, compression technologies, and lightweight materials.This company focuses on product innovation and is also committed to sustainability and ethical business practices.

6. Jordan Brand

Company nameJordan Brand
HeadquartersBeaverton Oregon, US
Area servedWorldwide
FoundersMichael Jordan and Nike Inc
Key peopleCraig Williams (President)
Main sports productShoe
Revenue$ 5 billion
Total assets$ 32.8 billon

This company is a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. This company is specializing in manufacturing athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment inspired by basketball player Michael Jordan. Nike released the first Air Jordans Brand Sneakers in 1984. Since then, Jordan Brand has become very popular worldwide.

Jordan Brand makes products for men, women, athletes, and children. This kind makes products like basketball shoes, lifestyle sneakers, clothing, and accessories. This brand is designed very stylishly and naturally.

Jordan is also involved in several social and philanthropic initiatives. The company has partnered with organizations, Including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Because it supports youth development programs and promotes physical activity.

7. New Balance

Company nameNew Balance
Headquarters100 Guest Street, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Area servedWorldwide
FoundersWilliam J. Riley
Key peopleJim Davis (Chairman) Joe Preston (CEO)
Main sports productShoes.
RevenueUS $2.3 billion
Operating incomeUS 500 million
Net incomeUS 400 million
Total assetsUS $ 3.9 billon

New Balance Athletics company is very popular worldwide. This company produces Sports apparel brands, footwear, and sports equipment. This company maintains good quality. The company was founded is William J. Riley in Boston Massachusetts in 1906. Since then, this has remained a family-owned business ever.

Beginning New Balance makes arch supports and orthopedic shoes, and after that shifted its focus to athletic footwear. this company brand gained very popularly among people among wonderful athletes in the 1970s and 1980s for its very comfortable and high-quality running shoes.

This company has committed to sustainability ethical prioritizing, and social responsibility. So, this company manufactures making products that help athletes achieve their goals. This company has manufacturing facilities in the UA, USK, and China.

8. Reebok

Company nameReebok
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Area servedWorld Wide
FoundersJeff and Joe Foster
Key peopleTodd Krinsky (CEO)
Main sports productShoes.
RevenueUS $2,3 billion

Reebok is an athletic sportswear, footwear, and apparel company. This company is very popular worldwide. This company has been creating innovative products since 1958. This company was founded in the UK. Reebok has operations in over 100 countries. This company is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Reebok company made fitness and running shoes, workout clothes, and accessories such as hats and bags for men, Women, and children. Reebok company has partnered with the world’s very popular athletes like basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and tennis athlete player Venus Williams. the brand has also collaborated with Victoria Beckham fashion designer. Because create stylish and functional clothing and footwear.

9. Columbia Sports Wear

Company nameColumbia Sports Wear
HeadquartersPortland, Oregon, United States
Area servedWorld Wide
FoundersPaul Lamfrom and Marie Lamfrom
Key peopleTim Boyle (President & CEO) Joseph Boyle (Executive Vice President) Bryan Timm (Senior Vice President) Peter Bragdon (Executive Vice President)
Main sports productOuterwear and sportswear
RevenueUS $3.03 billion
Operating incomeUS $ 179.8 million
Net incomeUS $ 106. 9 million
Total assetsUS $ 2.25 billon

Columbia Sportwear company is a very well-known company. This company’s manufacturing its main products are outerwear and sportswear. It was founded in this company in the year of 1938 by Paul Lamfrom. Columbia company is very fastly developing because fueled by its jackets. This is featured breathable waterproof fabric and interchangeable shells and liners.

This company specializes in designing and producing high-quality outdoor gear for a variety of activities. And also, hiking, camping, skiing, and fishing. This Columbia Sportswear company is made so many products. Like jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, boots, hats, gloves, and backpacks for men, women, and children. This company product is designed very comfortable and protected in all kinds of weather conditions.

10. Asics

Company nameAsics
HeadquartersKoba Japan
Area servedWorldwide
FoundedSeptember 1, 1949
FoundersKihachiro Onitsuka
Key peopleMotoi Oyama (CEO and President) Yasuhito Hirota (Executive Vice President and CFO) Masataka Ito (Executive Vice President and CMO)
Main sports productShoes.
Revenue393,7 billion
Operating income20.4 billion
Net income10.3 billion
Total assets309.3 billon

ASICS offers a wide range of products for a variety of sports, including running, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling. The company’s products are known for their comfort, support, and durability, and are designed to help athletes perform at their best.

This company offers for men, Women, and children like running, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling. This company’s product has very well and high-quality. this company’s products are designed very comfortably, and help athletes perform at their best.

Top 10 Sportswear Brands FAQ

Q. How many companies of 10 Sportswear brands list?

A: Nick, Adidas, Puma, Lululemon Athletica, Under Armour, Jordan Brand, New Balance, Reebok, Columbia Sportswear, and Asics these companies are the top 10 sportswear companies.

Q. Who is the No. 1 Company?
A: Nick is the no.1 company.
Q. Who is the No.10 Company?
A: Asics is the no.10 company.
Q. Which Company is the highest Sales worldwide?
A: Nick is the highest sailing worldwide.

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