Top 6 Apps to Create Amazing Photo Collages for Instagram

Best apps to create photo collages for instagramLooking for creative and fun ways to make your content stand out on Instagram? But, don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, once try creating beautiful photo collages and share them on your Instagram, I’m sure you’ll definitely get a positive outcome on your Instagram. Are you wondering, how can I say that? Right, creating collages is one of the hottest trends on Instagram in the existing era.

With this, you can show off multiple scenes in one photo. So, if you want to grab people’s attention with your aesthetic photo collages, you need some best Apps to create great Instagram photo collages than your competitors.

Are you bothering with the best photo collage apps for Instagram? No need to bother, we’ve listed some of the best Apps to create great photo collages for your Instagram. And that will assist to reach your targets and increase your reach on Instagram. So, why late guys? Let’s start creating amazing photo collages that grab people’s attention.


Best apps to create photo collages for Instagram

1. Unfold

Unfold is a great app to create amazing photo collages for your Instagram. It has more than 400 templates so, you can choose any one of your favorites from it and create beautiful collages for your Instagram. Moreover, you can add filters and effects to your templates and you can write text to your content and it lets you use advanced text tools for your Instagram feeds. Besides, it has 250+ awarded winning designs in its library.

It lets you use various filters to your photos and videos like Tulum and Canarias and you can add effects like VHS and Glitch. Moreover, it has a great feature selfies editor, it edits your Instagram selfies and makes them more beautiful.  Apart from that, Unfold allow you to add some stickers to make your content more aesthetic. So, make it your choice of creating beautiful photo collages for your Instagram and share them with the audience to increase your engagement.


If you’re really looking for the best and unique photo collage templates then SCRL is the best tool for you. It will let you create beyond and design your own panoramic story. Moreover, you can layer your pictures and videos over various frames for a seamless Instagram layout. Besides, it allows everyone to use it, anyone can easily create their own collages by adding up to 10 photos.

If you’re finished with your collage creation then SCRL allows you to share your content directly to your Instagram. If you want to create a unique and attractive collage then this app will not disappoint you.

3. Pic Jointer

Pic jointer is yet another great app to create aesthetic photo collages with hundreds of stylish layouts. And it allows you to edit your layout by adjusting colors, and patterns to make your college more beautiful. Apart from that, to decorate your collage you can add stickers from its categorized stickers.

Pic jointer allows you to add colorful texts and funky fonts to your collages to make them even more expressive. Moreover, you can share your content with your Instagram friends, followers.

4. Collage Maker

This is also one of the popular photo collage apps used by Android users. just you have to select pics up to 10 pictures and this will automatically create an amazing collage in your required layouts.

Moreover, if you want to make your content more attractive, the collage maker has a decent collection of background images, stickers, fonts to help you customize your photos. Apart from that, it has a great feature, that assists you to create Instaready square pictures with blue backgrounds.

5. Story Art

Story art is one of the best Instagram story-editor apps and that offering its users more than 2000 story templates to create amazing collage layouts for Instagram stories and reels. Moreover, It has collages with various colors and shapes including squares that help you design unusual instal stories and Instagram highlight cover. Apart from that, if you want to add themes to your collages, it has more than 60 themes with different designs and colors, including Film, Retro, Minimalism, Polaroid.

Story art has professional editing tools that allow you to resize and trim your images, videos including zooming and clipping that make your dazzle stories to your Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Besides, story art offers a high-quality filter, text fonts design for your collages, all these amazing features will help you to create engaging photo collages for your Instagram

6. Pic Collage

Pic Collage is also one of the best Instagram collage makers for making love-themed picture collages. If you have an Instagram page with similar content then this just might be the perfect app for you to create unique and engaging content. Moreover, it has a decent collection of hundreds of stickers, background patterns, and photo grids. So, you can experiment with these to make attractive and engaging picture collages for your Instagram page.

Apart from that, It has the best features in that it has several card templates to create cards for your loved ones. Besides, It also has the option to cut out photos by tracing shapes with your fingers like a freestyle snipping tool. Moreover, it provides you with a lot of flexibility while creating and customizing your Instagram collages. So, make it your choice of creating unique collages for your Instagram and increase your content reach.

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