World food safety day- wishes, Quotes, Images

Today we are coming back with another special day in the calendar is world food safety day. This is a new concept that started last year. And this year the world will be celebrating the second world food safety day. Now it Will be celebrated on every 7th of June across the globe the first theme for 2020 is “food safety is everyone’s business. Food is the main thing in our life as we get our energy from it. If food is contaminated and not safe, it can lead to several infections and diseases. The world food safety day is to get awareness so that people get aware of the safety of the food they consume.

Food safety has become a major cause of concern for the past few years at the consumption of contaminated food has increased at large.  The world food safety day celebrated every year on June 7th is a day that reminds people they need to have safer and healthy food to have a disease-free life. Food safety is not anyone’s responsibility.  It is shared by everyone from the government level to farms and the general public. Food is the most vital item in anyone’s life. So pleases save the food and don’t through it away. In this article, I will be providing you with some quotes, images relate to this world food safety day.

world food safety wishes, quotes

“Acquiring better nutrients from better food sources ”

Human beings are dependent on a few basic needs for living. Food [including water], cloth and shelter are the minimum requirements of  a person for a decent standard of life

The principle of food safety aims to prevent food from becoming contaminated and causing food poisoning.

The united nations (UN)has assigned two of its agencies, the food, and agriculture organization(FAO) and the world health organization (WHO) to lead efforts in promoting food safety around the world

“We all love to eat tastily and delicious food”.

There are so many food varieties that are available all over the world even though, we are not using them properly, many people are wasting them regularly.

“Improper storage of food”.

” Outdated forming

Food safety is the major step to be taken in the whole world.

World food safety day images


Final words

world safety food is a purpose of nature to be like that upwards and we can produce fruits and etc. The Fertilizers are using to grow fruits and various types of food produced in the farmland.

food safety is the key to achieve sustainable development (SDGs) and is a shared responsibility between governments, produces, and consumers. Everyone has a role to play to ensure that the food we eat is safe and will not cause harm to our health.

And I hope it was a nice day to celebrate world food safety day with images, quotes, and wishes. Now over to you. what are your thoughts on this? let me know in the comment section below.

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